Artful Making

Trainer: Lee Devin

Language: English

Workshop Content

Theatre and software have much in common: teams create unpredictably innovative products that emerge from the making process itself; they create new things to a deadline; and they use an iterative rather than a sequential method. They make a prototype, not a plan; they see if it works; when it doesn't, they make another, reconceiving to create new ideas out of conflicting ones; they see if the new one works; when it doesn't, they make another; and so on until they have it right. The Artful Making workshop will explore some of what managers and software developers can learn about how theatre artists do that kind of work. The workshop will provide opportunities to learn and practice some of the things actors do as they prepare for creative work, engage in full collaboration, and function productively at the scary edge of their powers. Exercises and discussion will focus on three aspects of any artful collaborative process: Preparation, Concentration, and The Edge