Agile Acceptance Testing / Behaviour Driven Development

Trainer: Gojko Adzic

Language: English

Workshop Content

The following is the content of a 3-day workshop. If held during Ágiles 2010, it will have a similar schedule compressed into 2 days

This three day workshop immerses the participants into a project driven
by Specification by Example and Agile Acceptance Testing. The
workshop is adjusted to fit your business domain and particular needs, so
that the participants get real-world experience and instant benefits. It is
combines the Introduction to Agile Acceptance Testing workshop, a day of
working on a realistic domain example taken from your recent project or a
future phase of a project, and the FitNesse for Developers workshop.
During the workshop, we use FitNesse to manage acceptance tests. The
programming modules can be either in Java or .NET.

You will learn
• How to build a shared understanding of the domain using realistic
examples (business, qa, developers)
• How to flush out inconsistencies and functionality gaps before the
development starts during specification writing workshops
(business, qa, developers)
• How to effectively influence the development process and build
quality in from the start (qa)
• How to ensure that the specifications are understood correctly and
implemented completely using acceptance tests (business, qa,
• How to focus the development effort and ensure that the result is fit
for its purpose using acceptance tests (developers)
• applying test-driven development practices to guide programming
• How to facilitate future change of code with acceptance tests
(business, developers, qa)
• How to use FIT/FitNesse for maintaining acceptance tests
(business, developers, qa)
• Best practices for writing FIT fixtures (developers)
• How to avoid common pitfalls with acceptance tests (developers,
qa, business)

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to Specification by Example and Agile Acceptance Testing

• Introduction to specification by example and agile acceptance
• Collaborative specifications in practice
• Introduction to FitNesse
• Managing acceptance tests FitNesse
• Best practices for acceptance tests
• Reviewing and rating acceptance tests

Day 2: Applying Specification by Example and Agile Acceptance testing in your domain/environment

• Collaborative specifications for your user story or future project
• Converting examples to FitNesse test pages
• Reviewing and rating acceptance tests
• Q&A and discussion on your specific problems and practices

Day 3: FitNesse for developers

• Writing basic fixtures
• Automating acceptance tests with FitNesse
• FIT/FitNesse fixture types
• Advanced FIT concepts
• Best practices for a team environment