Scaling scrum

Este evento es para los ex-alumnos de Alan Cyment y Tobias Mayer. Sería como el tercer día del curso de CSM (ver un ejemplo).

Cuándo: 25 de enero 2010. El curso es de 9 a 17 hs, pero traten de estar entre 8:30 y 8:45, para que podamos empezar a horario.
Dónde: Perú 375, 1er piso (Southworks)
Costo: Es gratuito. Podemos ser entre 12 y 40 personas.

Este evento es organizado por Agiles Argentina y Agilar Argentina

If you are coming to the CSM Day 3 session please show up … between 8.30 and 8.45.  Lunch will be brown bag with a view to sharing.  There is a fridge and microwave and coffee-making facilities on the  premises. Lunch will be around 12.30-1.30 and the day will end at 5pm.

The vision:
A 5-6′ span hanging mobile on the theme of Buenos Aires

We will build this from various raw craft materials, no pre-built pieces.  You will have to coordinate the architecture and the individual features of the mobile between the 3-5 Scrum teams we’ll have.  I am the customer, and each team will have a PO to represent me.

That’s all for now.  Bring any materials you feel might be suitable
for this project.  I’ll supply most of what you’ll need.”